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UrbiCAD™ architecture S.L.

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Software development for Project Management, Self-Protection and Environmental purposes.


To meet the specific needs of the Health & Safety and Environmental Protection professionals during the work execution phase (Health & Safety Management, construction works waste, etc...) and once the building work is finished, in Self-Protection, evacuation and emergency matters (Self-Protection and Evacuation Plans, Emergency and Crisis Management, Civil Defense Plans, etc) offering an optimum price-quality ratio and maximum after-sales services and continuous technical support, providing added value to customers.

Company History:

The company was founded in 1990 but it wasn’t until 1994 that it was given its current name UrbiCAD architecture S.L.

Throughout its history, UrbiCAD has specialised in the development of IT applications within the Architecture and Engineering sectors, developing a range of specialised products.

UrbiCAD has the leading professional and technical resources, and optimum facilities allowing us to meet our objectives.


Focus on the client. Our relationship with users, clients, suppliers and employees has been formalized and published since 2002 in our "Code of Ethics", which describes the values governing the company’s activities and processes, providing the leading standard in the industry.

The company is continuously working to improve its activities and processes in providing products and services which meet client expectations in terms of time, costs and quality.

UrbiCAD is committed to excellence in all its functions and results. Our responsibility to client projects is a key element in our business success.

Team work. UrbiCAD establishes individual and team goals for all areas of the organisation for decision-making and meeting the strategic objectives of the company.

Innovation. The company is dedicated to innovation and meeting industry standards and legislation in all our products and services. Furthermore, UrbiCAD has the expertise and know-how gained over 15 years as a leading provider of IT applications and solutions to the Architecture, Engineering and Construction sectors.

The company has continued to provide:

  • Innovation
  • Technology
  • Specialised product range
  • Quality
  • Technical assistance
  • Adaptability and Flexibility
  • Competitiveness

Business Competitiveness