Emergency Management: Actions in case of emergency

The experience of UrbiCAD Emergency Management in case of crisis and its rapid response, make the software is an essential tool to manage any crisis situation, allowing:

  • Face successfully the situation
  • Reduce the economic impact caused by the emergency.
  • Avoid the situation because of for lack of foresight, bad organization or by an inadequate response.


UrbiCAD Emergency Management

Actions in case of emergency.

Have you identified all the risks you are exposed to?

have you protocolized the necessary actions to control or minimize an emergency situation?

If appears an emergency situation, how fast can you communicate it?

Are you satisfied with the Emergency Management you have? or, however, you think it can be improved?

Are you ready for the worst scenario?

A crisis situation will be turns disaster depending of your behavior to act or/and your manage in the first minutes like a director of emergency, so:

1º. It is need to warn of the ALARM in smallest time possible. And you will have to have a guarantee that the alarm has communicated, sent and delivered.

2º. It is need to act with a protocol, organized, with scheduling and planning needed in each case, with the foresight necessary and inmediatly.

UrbiCAD Emergency Management in case of crisis is a best solution because it allows you:

1º. Warn and notify emergency situation quickly via SMS or email. You will have to press a button and automatically it will warn, of the alarm, to the groups established previously. (inside or outside of country).

2º. Protocolize the action to avoid careless actions or inefficents.


Identify the potential risks that you are exposed and threats that can affect at all staff, installations, facilities, concerns...at any level. To be ready with an efficent manage in case of crisis and protocols.

Communicate the emergency situation to the responsibles, evacuation groups, CEO's, staff...To take the communication as the best way to manage incidents and/or accidents.

Risks Indentification/ action protocols

The Action Protocols can be created manually using this application, and can be imported and exported to other computer.
Additionally, it can be created through "Management Protocols". It is a sofisticated tool that is a part of software, and it allows you generate, manage, check and administer their own action protocols in order to adapt them to the reality.

The action protocols be divided into two groups:

A) To companies (Malls, Factories, Warehouses, Industries, etc), Activities for all types (sports, industrial, health, entertainment, recreation, nature, etc.), Installations (Gas station, Pipelines, Power stations...)

  • Risks of the activity (Fire, Explosion, Gas leak, etc)
  • Risks arising from the activity (Robbery, Attack, Bomb Warning, Mail bomb, etc)
  • External risks envisaged in the Emergency Action Plan (Earthquakes, Floods, High Winds, etc).

B) To Federal Emergency Management Agency services, Emergency Services, Firefighter services...

  • Natural Risks (floods, Fires, Volcanic phenomena and volcanic eruptions, Snowfalls, Tsunamis, Storms...)
  • Technological risks (Spills of hazardous or Toxic Waste,Collapse of roads...)
  • Anthropic Risks (Terrorist attack, Robbery, Bomb Warning, mail bomb, etc)
  • External Risks envisaged in the Emergency Action Plan (Influenza, Biological alert...)

Before any emergency situation, you will have acces to the protocols actions with this software, and you will know how to act to face it.


Communicate the emergency situation

The communication is automatical, only press a button that allows you, via SMS or email, notify the alert to email adress or mobile phone established previously.

This is the best way to inform about crisis situation to the resposible and groups whom have to face them.

SMS Reports

You can obtain reports of send in real time about:

  • If the SMS has been delivered on the network, or the mobile phone has not received because it was off or out of coverage. In this case, the software will try again to send the sms until it is delivered.
  • If the SMS has been delivered to a mobile phone.

You can obtain a report paper about number phones, times to delivery, times to receive it. UrbiCAD will indicate you the reception time in seconds for mobile phones to receive the messages, So you can keep this reports in order to obtain an Emergency Historical.

Actions in case of Emergency

Purchase SMS voucher

Printing Action Protocols

All Protocols can be modified from each computer (to be adapted to the personnel, specific location, etc) and can be printed on paper when required.

The Text Editor allows you to:

  • Print the document directly (prior to the layout of the same as desired).
  • Export the document to .PDF format.
  • Export the document to Microsoft Word .DOC format.
  • Export the document to .HTML format.

Before printing or exporting the document, any number of modifications can be made: inserting headings, footnotes, logos, inserting, deleting or changing images, adding or eliminating tables, charts graphs, etc.

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