Despite what could be expected, and given the situation the construction sector is suffering, in this edition, the turnout as well as the interest shown towards our products have changed our future expectations.

Against all expectations, and even though the feeling of distrust that affects the construction sector nowadays, the past edition of CONSTRUMAT has gone far beyond all expectations.

UrbiCAD have been presenting our latest innovations for this year 2009, among which, and given the remarkably high interest expressed by our visitors, three products are worth highlighting:

UrbiCAD would like to thank all our users who came to the trade show, who could find out about the new products by UrbiCAD, for their support.

On the other hand, we would like to invite all those who could not come to the expo to ask for more information about the new software solutions offered in this year 2009, as well as the new services offered by UrbiCAD:

  • Free Web-meeting lectures on topics of interest.
  • Access to UrbiCAD Virtual Classroom.
  • Access to the 'UrbiCAD Education' services, for Universities and High Schools.

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